How to watch free movies on Kodi, Kodi Live and Plex on Plex Media Server

Welcome to our first post about Kodi and how to stream your favourite free movies and TV shows on Plex or Kodi Live. 

First, let’s define the terms. 

Let’s start with Plex and Kodi, which is a media player that is based on the Plex Media server. 

Kodi is a video-streaming service based on Kodi which is available on many Android devices and other media players, including Android TV, Roku and Apple TV. 

It also comes with a wide range of plugins and add-ons to make your media-watching experience even more enjoyable. 

Plex and Kodi can both be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. 

They are both free and open source software. 

Both are available for Windows, macOS and Linux, with Kodi’s version available as a separate download. 

In terms of their security, Plex and Plex are both required to install and manage their own security modules. 

When you install Plex or Plex, you need to set up your Plex Media Servers. 

You can do this by using a Plex Media Manager or by downloading the official Plex Plex app for your PC, Mac or Linux computer. 

If you use Plex, then you need the Plex Player app, which comes with all the Plex add-on modules and plugins. 

But it is also available for free. 

For the other platforms, you can also get the official Kodi Kodi Media Server client, which can be installed by using the Kodi media-downloader or through the official app. 

We are going to start by using Plex to stream some free movies. 

To do so, you first need to download Plex and then copy and paste the following command into your Terminal: sudo apt-get install plex plex-server  You will need to add Plex to your list of repositories. 

After that, click the Plex icon on your desktop, then choose Settings. 

The Plex settings will open up. 

Now, select the Plex Settings icon. 

Select the Network tab. 

Next to “Use IP address for all Plex devices” check the box next to “Do not use IP address of Plex devices for the whole Plex installation”. 

Finally, click OK. 

Once that is done, click “Next”. 

You are now ready to watch the movies.

If you have a Kodi-powered computer, you will need a Plex server.

For this example, we are going for Plex on Windows 8.1 64-bit. 

Choose the Windows version of Plex on the left, and then click the Settings icon on the top right corner. 

Then select the “Plex” tab, then the “Local Area Connection” and “IP address” boxes. 

There is also a “Pulse” button to enable. 

Click “Next” to start watching.

Once you have finished watching the movies, you may want to open the Plex menu and add the files you want to watch. 

This will be useful if you want other people to see your stream. 

On the Plex Home screen, click on the icon that looks like a red arrow. 

Tap on “Browse”. 

Then, click your Plex account on the bottom right, then “Browsee”. 

Scroll down to “Add”. 

Select a name for your movie and click “Browex”. 

Now you will be able to watch it. 

As soon as you open the file, you should see it in your library. 

That is because Plex will automatically download the movies you have watched. 

Here is a screenshot of the Plex library page, showing all the movies in our library: Now that we have downloaded some movies, we can start watching them.

To do that, simply select them from the list of movies in your Plex library.

The Plex menu will then appear and you will see the movie titles in a pop-up window. 

These titles will help you to find the movie that you want. 

Finally you can click on “Next.” 

The next screen asks you to watch your movie. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on one of the movies that you just watched.

This will take you to a different screen where you will find all the movie recommendations. 

From here you can scroll through the recommendations and make your selection. 

Some recommendations are only for certain movie genres. 

Other suggestions are for certain TV shows or films, while others may not apply to all movies.

So, it is important to choose a recommendation that will suit your tastes and preferences. 

Below is a list of all the recommendations that are currently in our Plex library: You can also download the Plex Movie Library, which contains thousands of movies that can be watched on your Plex server or other media-player. 

How to watch movies in Plex on Kodi or Plex on Mac? 

If all you want

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