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I recently watched Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ at the local theatre in Brisbane, Australia.

I was completely in love with the movie, but I didn’t get the opportunity to see the full film, and the only way I could get to the film was through a special screening.

But in the middle of the movie I saw something that shocked me.

The scene where Gibson, as Jesus Christ, walks up to a crowd of people and asks them if they want to be his disciples.

The crowd goes wild, and Gibson’s voice rises in volume.

The audience goes wild with joy, and then suddenly, as he is about to kiss Jesus, the crowd stops.

The movie ends.

There was a lot of laughter in the audience.

That moment is one of the best scenes in the entire movie.

I think that’s what makes it a great film.

The Passion Of The Christ is not just a film, it’s a film about faith, faith in Jesus Christ.

When you watch it, you can see the depth of the love that goes into that film.

Mel Gibson is a Christian who has embraced his faith.

He has been a devout Christian since he was a child, and he was baptized in the church in 2003.

He now leads a church in Australia called the Church Of The Holy Spirit.

Mel was an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of America in 1991.

The church is named for his late father, a Presbyterian minister and Baptist minister.

Mel is a man of faith who is the author of three books of books, including The Passion.

Mel and I were at the Sydney Opera House on the evening of February 24, 2015.

We were there to watch a film called The Passion, a film that has become very popular in Australia.

Mel has been called the most important Christian movie in recent years.

And the film is about faith.

Mel believes in the importance of faith, and in what he calls the “Holy Spirit.”

Mel has said that he believes the Holy Spirit is one with God.

“I think the Holy Ghost is one God.

It is the spirit that is the same spirit that creates the universe, that creates man, that makes us.”

The film is set in the year 3000, when there was a plague, and many of the people in the world are afflicted.

This plague is called the Passion.

People are starving to death.

Mel says that this is what happened when the Holy Trinity was born.

God was in a “bad state.”

The Holy Trinity, who is called Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the mother of Jesus, were born with this illness.

This illness caused the entire world to go through the plague, including the people of the world, Mel said.

And God came into the world to save the world.

So, he comes in, the Holy Father, the Father of Jesus Christ Jesus, and says, “I am the Son of God, and you are sinners.”

He says, and I have come into the body of the Father, and have given you life, and your sins have been forgiven.

He says that because you are “sinner and dead in trespasses and iniquities,” you will die, but you will be resurrected in my name.

You will be with me through all the generations, Mel added.

Mel goes on to explain that he sees the Holy Bible as an allegory for the human experience.

He also believes that there are two sides to God, the “true” God and the “false” God.

Mel said that if there is one thing in life that is good, it is faith.

When God is at peace with us, we know that we are all in a state of grace, he said.

But when we have an evil conscience, we have sinned against God, we are in the wrong, we sin against the Holy Triad, and we are not good.

When we are tempted, we cannot trust God, he continued.

We cannot trust him because we know what he is capable of doing.

This is the reason that the Bible says that you can’t trust God because you can do evil.

It’s also the reason why the Bible teaches that we cannot sin against God.

I don’t think there is any such thing as a “good conscience.”

I think there’s only two sides, one side is good and the other side is evil.

I do not believe in any kind of God or a “Good and Evil” God, Mel Gibson said.

I believe in Jesus, a living and eternal God.

There is no such thing, no such God, no “God of Good and Evil.”

He said that when people look at his film The Passion and ask, “What is God?,” they should look at Jesus Christ who is God and love.

I have heard many Christian people say that they are “anti-christ” and they are against Jesus Christ because they think that he is not a real person.

I know that they have not really seen the Holy Scriptures,

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