Amazon Prime Movies Available On Apple TV And Roku Now

Reuters – A new feature for the Apple TV that allows users to watch movies and TV shows on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, has added some exciting new content to its library.

The new app, called Prime Movies, lets you search through a library of movies and shows for just $2 per month.

It also allows users who have an Apple TV to search for shows and movies that they want to see in the streaming service on a variety of devices, including the Apple Watch, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast, which is available in select markets.

Amazon Prime movies is available to those who subscribe to Prime.

Prime Movies is not available to users of Apple TV or Roku.

Apple has not announced the availability of Prime Movies.

Apple and Roku declined to comment on whether the new feature is available for those who do not subscribe to Apple TV.

It will not be available to customers who pay $10 a month or more for a Prime subscription.

Prime Movies was first announced last month and was a major feature of the AppleTV’s new “HomeKit” technology, which allows users of its new “Apple TV” device, the new “iPod Touch” and its connected accessories to stream video from multiple devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Apple introduced HomeKit in June, allowing users of devices like the new iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6S Plus, the Apple iPad Pro and other Apple devices to connect their devices and add services like Apple Music to their home.

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