Why the ice age movie is worth watching again: It was so bad that it made us rethink the past

We spent our childhoods watching movies like The Polar Express, The Great Escape and The Deer Hunter, and we are not alone in thinking that some of the greatest movies of all time were horrible.

But a new study shows that it’s not only the films that are bad, it’s the people who made them.

The new study by a group of researchers from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., examined the history of a number of movies that were considered classics but which didn’t do well at the box office.

The group included a wide range of movie buffs, including historians and film aficionados, as well as filmmakers.

In the study, published online Wednesday in the Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, researchers analyzed the box-office success of movies like the classic The Great Train Robbery and The Wizard of Oz, as compared to movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park II.

The researchers found that, even though The Great Adventure and The Lion King were both critically and commercially successful, they were still among the worst movies ever made.

The study focused on the first half of the 20th century, so there were some changes in the movies over time.

But the study also found that there was a strong correlation between box office success and the production company behind the movie, which was typically a large film studio.

The results were surprising, said co-author and Northwestern Film School professor Jennifer Schurman, who is also a professor of history at Northwestern.

“I think there was probably a very strong, very clear association between the quality of a film and its success,” she said.

“That’s surprising because people often talk about the quality in movies being more important than the actors.

But what we found was that in the case of movies produced by major studios, that was not the case.

The people producing the films were in a better position to make them successful.”

Schurmann and her colleagues also found a strong link between the production companies and the film’s directors, which could be linked to the director’s popularity.

“In terms of quality, the more successful a director was, the less likely that he or she would be seen by audiences, the lower the box offices,” Schurm said.

The other finding was that films like The Great Leap Forward and The Battle of the Bulge did better than The Wizard and Jurassic World, which both did poorly at the domestic box office, and did worse internationally.

“There’s a connection between the box and the director, and a connection with the production,” Schuerman said.

This wasn’t a surprise to Schurmans co-authors, who studied the box scores of all the films made between 1915 and 1960.

They also looked at how much money each film made.

Schurma said it’s hard to say exactly why the films had so much success, but that they were also highly profitable for the movie studios.

“They all had some connection to them,” she explained.

“And in some cases, the producers were very successful.”

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