Which are the best zombie movies of all time?

The following list has been compiled by The Hindu, an online newspaper that covers India.

We have included the most popular zombie movies, which are listed in order of popularity. 

These movies, however, may have been released during different eras, which means that their popularity could change over time. 

The list of top zombie movies is based on a poll conducted by the media and entertainment news website Variety.

The poll was released on January 29. 


Apocalypse Now (1999) This is probably the most-coveted zombie movie of all-time.

The movie is based upon the 1979 novel Apocalypse Now by Chuck Palahniuk, and is widely regarded as the best horror film ever made.

The film is also considered the best American zombie movie ever made, with a score of 92% on a scorecard compiled by CinemaScore.


Aliens (2010) “Aliens” is a zombie movie about a group of scientists and doctors who work at a remote facility.

In the movie, a man (John Hurt) wakes up from an artificial coma to find himself in a world of zombies.

It has become one of the most beloved zombie movies. 


American Psycho (2000) A psycho who takes over the world in the form of a serial killer, American Psycho is the most widely-viewed and critically acclaimed horror film of all times.

It was made in 2000 by Matt Damon, who is a major player in the zombie genre. 


Zombieland (2001) Zomg. 

A story about a man who kills his family to find a missing girl.

It’s a film that’s very popular in India, where it has been widely acclaimed for its bleak portrayal of a post-apocalyptic society. 


Escape from New York (2007) An old man in a wheelchair is forced to make a decision about whether to live or die. 

It’s a classic of zombie films, which has become very popular throughout the world. 


Night of the Living Dead (1968) Night Of The Living Dead is the first film made by the zombie cult classic.

The classic has become a cult classic in its own right, and it’s considered to be one of most iconic zombie movies ever made by many. 


Hellboy (2003) The first film about the character of Hellboy, the most powerful demon of the Hellboy mythos, was released in 2003.

Hellboy’s character was first created in the 1970s and has been around for many decades.

The characters backstory and the demonisation of the human race is one of his most iconic characteristics. 


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2011) In the film, a tiger has to hide and protect its young from evil forces in order to avoid being eaten. 


Bite Me (1993) Bites are an important part of many zombie movies and this one has a lot of them.

This film is set in an apartment complex and it focuses on the lives of two women, who are separated by an elevator. 


Dance Moms (2010)(2015) Dancing Moms is a children’s movie about two teenage girls who spend their time as the main characters in their dance studio.

It also features a zombie. 


Gore (2009) Goren is a killer who kills people and steals their organs, then takes their brains and uses them to build his own army of killer robots.

It is one the most famous zombie movies that is based in the United States. 


Terrific (2015) Terrifying.

This is one that everyone in the world should see. 


Pulp Fiction (1994) Pulp is a horror film that was made by Quentin Tarantino.

It depicts a police officer who, after a drug bust, discovers a body with the head missing. 


War of the Worlds (1941) War Of The Worlds is a sci-fi film that is famous for its alien invasion.

The story revolves around a space ship called the Nostromo that is being attacked by aliens.

It stars Harrison Ford, who plays an alien scientist who is trapped in a lab. 


Re-Animator (2004) Re’Animator is a film about a couple who go to a funeral in order for their dead parents to be resurrected. 


Kung Fu Panda (2012) Kong Fu Panda is a movie about the martial arts of Chinese martial arts, where the titular hero, Kung Fu Panda, is a fighting champion.

The franchise is popular throughout China and has spawned several sequels and spinoffs. 


Blade Runner (1982) Blade Rider is a science fiction movie which follows a man named Blade, who travels around the world collecting bounty hunters.

It received

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