NYT: ‘The Big Short’ is ‘one of the best movies I’ve ever seen’

New York Times columnist Nicholas Sparks says he thinks “The Big Switch” is “one of my favorite movies.”

The film is a thriller about a small-town family, which is led by a woman (Anna Kendrick) who is accused of murdering her mother and father.

It follows the trial of two people in this small town as they argue over who killed their mother.

“The biggest thing I liked about it was how [director] Darren Aronofsky handled the trial,” Sparks wrote.

“It was a very interesting trial that I loved and thought was very well done.”

In a New York Daily News column titled “The Most Dangerous Game in Hollywood,” Sparks said he loved the film because “there are no good guys, only bad guys.”

“The movie is an excellent example of how filmmakers can make movies about complex issues that are as nuanced and complicated as human beings,” Sparks continued.

“We see these families struggling with this issue of who is guilty, who is innocent, and what is really going on with their lives.

We’re never going to know exactly what the truth is, but it is important that the story tell us that these families are grappling with difficult issues and that they are trying to find a way to make sense of it.”

Sparks added that he is “surprised that, in the world of Hollywood, this is considered the perfect movie.”

He was quick to note that he does not necessarily believe the film is the best, but that it is “an excellent example.”

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