When was the first time you felt like a movie star?

Posted October 05, 2012 12:09:22When was the last time you thought you looked like the kind of guy you’re supposed to be?

I remember being in my early twenties, and I’d seen a movie, and all of a sudden I was this, “oh my god, I look like this.”

I was totally confused and confused, because I’d never even thought about that before.

The fact that I looked like a guy didn’t really come to mind.

The thing is, as I got older, I didn’t think that about myself.

And then, after a while, I realised that it didn’t matter what I looked at, it was how I acted and thought.

So I was like, “that’s how I’m supposed to act, that’s how you’re meant to think.”

So that was my first thought about being a movie actor.

I think it’s important to get a little bit older, and understand that there’s no magic formula to be an actor.

If you look at all of the different things that have been done in the past, the fact that you’ve got to act like this is not the most important part of the process.

You have to think about that.

So what do you think is the best way to get older?

It’s a lot of different things.

I feel like I’ve always been able to grow into myself, because of my parents, but I also think that growing up as a kid, growing up with people who are supportive, I feel very comfortable around those people.

They’re a part of my family now.

So when you’re younger, you need to understand that you’re a kid who’s not going to grow up and become somebody that everyone thinks is going to become an actor, because that’s not what it is.

You can’t get too comfortable, you have to work on things that are going to get you closer to that.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever had was from my dad.

I was just 12 when he told me that you have the power to change yourself.

You know, when you grow up, you learn about things.

When you grow older, you’re going to be around people that you can learn from.

And I learned that when I was a kid that I had to go into a dark place, and learn from people who didn’t give a fuck about me, who didn.

I learned from people like, the Dalai Lama, and those kind of people.

So it’s really important to realise that, even if you’re not an actor or a comedian, if you just want to be yourself, you should do that.

You should be the person that you are and you should be your own person.

That’s the one thing that I’m always trying to do, is to get to know people.

I’ve been a comedian for so long, I don’t know where it stops.

It’s always been about me.

And now that I’ve become a better person, I want to get out there and try to be the best that I can be.

I want people to think that I am a comedian because of all the different people that I have met.

If I’m the most famous comedian in the world, I’m gonna be famous.

If the most infamous comedian in Australia is a little kid from New South Wales, I wanna be that kid.

And if the most well-known comedian in America is a kid from California, I think I’d be that little kid too.

So, I just want people, I hope they think, “wow, there’s someone out there that is going for the same thing”.

They might be just an idiot or an idiot, or a terrible person, but they might be the right person for me.

I just want them to think, if I could change myself, I would.

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