When Pixar’s Cars hits theaters, the world will miss the Pixar legacy

I’m sitting here in the theatre of my local cinema, watching Pixar’s newest entry in the popular Cars franchise, Cars 2.

I’m in my early 20s, and the last time I went to a Pixar movie was about a decade ago, before Pixar was even a household name.

In that one movie, I got to meet two friends of mine, who I’d never seen before.

They’d seen the Cars series before, but never had any interaction with the characters.

They weren’t even in the car, let alone the movie.

In Cars 2, I’ll get to meet them for the first time in years.

It’s the first Pixar film in decades that will feature two characters I’ll never see again, because I’m no longer in the same movie theater as them.

I’m in this movie, and I’m a bit confused by it.

There are so many things that I’ve heard about Cars 2 that I haven’t even seen.

But I’m intrigued by it and I think it’s an interesting way to start to understand Pixar’s world.

I first came across the Cars franchise when I was in high school, when my dad and I used to drive around the neighborhood in a van with a toy truck.

In those days, we were into the Cars books, but I’m pretty sure I’d already known about the movie series from other friends of ours.

I don’t remember having ever watched Cars before that was a Pixar film.

I had a big crush on the character of Donny, but it was only until I was older that I started watching movies.

I’ve never seen a Cars movie before.

But then I had this idea to watch it with my parents.

I was always into cars and was already a huge fan of Cars.

So, I went online to see what other people were saying about it, and what they were saying was, it’s a really good film.

I’ve been really intrigued by Cars since I was a little kid, but until I actually saw the film, I had no idea what the series was about.

That’s when I came across an article in the LA Times that said that Cars 2 would be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 29th.

I didn’t even have to wait long to get my hands on it.

I was in my parents’ garage, and as I was driving, I noticed the poster for Cars 2 on the wall.

The poster for the movie was from the 1970s, so it was really old.

I started looking through the old posters, and they had this poster for a movie called The Muppet Movie.

The posters for Cars movies were so big, so I thought it was a pretty cool idea to make one of those for Cars.

I decided to do it, because it would be a nice touch.

I put together some props for it and made the poster, which was the same poster from The Muppets movie.

I just took my car, put it in the garage, put the poster on it, set it up and headed out to the garage to find the trailer.

I went back inside and I started pulling out the toys.

There were a lot of toys and it was kind of like a big car collection.

So I got the first Toy Story toy, a mini-Toy Story, which my dad was very excited about.

I also found some toys for Cars characters that I’d seen in the movies, like the toy for The Moustache Man.

I just had a bunch of them in the trailer and it looked really cool.

I kept doing that for the rest of the day.

I went out to Toy Story Land and started making toys.

I ended up making two toys, the Mini-Moustache and the Woody the Hedgehog.

The Mini-Fork and the Mini Tree are just toys I took out of the toy box, and there’s a Toy Story character called the Toy Guy who was the only one in the Toy Story movie who had the Moustachioed Hat.

I got him for Christmas.

I think I took a photo of him with a Toy Guy hat on my back.

It was kind the coolest Christmas present I could ever have had.

I thought that would be great, but after a while, I was like, I’ve made two Toy Story characters, but they don’t look like the Muppeteers.

I made the Toy Tree and Toy Guy for the car show, but the Muppet Guy had to go because of the fact that the Muggles are not in the movie anymore.

I really wanted to use that character to have the Toy Show.

The Muggers weren’t in the story anymore, so that was kind, I think, a big mistake.

I wasn’t sure if the Munchkins would even be in the show.

The car show was very important to me, so we were able to use them for a little bit of the car.

But after the Muggle

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